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Mag O7: Ultimate Oxygen Colon Cleanse

Mag O7

Pure Vegan Mag O7 Colon Cleanser is specially formulated for Vegan and Vegetarians. Mag O7 Colon Cleanser is a magnesium based compound which has been ozonated and stabilized to release nascent oxygen when used as directed. Mag O7 has a stool softening effect, which eliminates the digestive tract of unwanted fecal debris, and aids in digestion by slowly releasing beneficial nascent oxygen which good aerobic bacteria need to digest properly. Mag O7 colon cleanse is non-habit forming, prefect for Vegans and Vegetarians.

IMPORTANT: before starting any new diet, exercise, or supplement regime most Health Professionals will suggest you do a Digestive System Cleanse FIRST!

Mag O7 Colon Clease was created to help restore digestive system health, especially after a history of antibiotic use where the "friendly" bacteria have been killed off and the opportunistic anaerobes have taken over the digestive system. Most anaerobic bacteria can only survive in an atmosphere with little or no oxygen. Most Aerobic bacteria, by contrast, can only survive in an oxygen rich atmosphere.

Pure Vegan Mag O7 Colon Cleanse releases Nascent (Singlet) Oxygen that has been shown to:

  • 100% all natural method of relieving constipation
  • Act as superior digestive system cleanser and oxygen supplement
  • Fast acting, usually overnight, available in Capsules or Powder
  • Proven in laboratory tests to release oxygen for over 12 hours
  • The Magnesium in Pure Vegan Mag O7 Colon Cleanseacts as a Stool Softener for those needing this benefit
  • Also the Magnesium acts as a vehicle to transport oxygen through intestinal tract, kidneys and bladder
  • Diminish harmful bacteria and support friendly flora while boosting the Immune System
  • Improve absorption of nutrients from foods and supplement regimes
  • Enhance results from sports nutrition and weight loss product

Following a regimen of Pure Vegan Mag O7 Colon Cleanse it is advisable to take a combination of several forms of probiotic bacteria such as acidophilus, bifidos, bulgaricum, salivarius and others, to re-establish the oxygen secreting cultures.

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